Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Implement Tax Relief

During the next four years, one of my key goals is to follow through on the implementation of the new Town tax credit. This October, homeowners in the Town will pay 27% less to the JIPSD in property tax. For a home worth $250,000, the tax saving will be $175. Councilmen Leonard Blank, Troy Mullinax and Josh Stokes joined me in approving a cost sharing agreement with the JIPSD in August. While there has long been majority support for cooperating with the JIPSD for tax relief on Council, it was only after last November's election that there was a majority of Commissioners willing to work with the Town. The Town will use its other sources of revenue to help pay for fire protection and solid waste collection provided by the JIPSD to the residents of the Town. Like most municipalities, this will avoid putting an excessive burden on Town property taxpayers for these services.
Please give me the opportunity to make sure our tax relief program is fully and properly implemented during this vital first year and continue cooperation with the JIPSD to help with funding essential services for years to come.

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