Monday, October 7, 2019

Park Improvements

One of my favorite roles as Mayor has been working at our Town Parks.  Next year the Town will be opening a new Park on Folly Road and Pinckney Park will see a major improvement.

Brantley Park is a joint project of the Town of James Island and the City of Charleston.   Both contributed funds from our Charleston County 1/2 Sales Tax Greenbelt fund to purchase the land at the corner of Folly Road and Brantley Drive.  The City of Charleston is leaving management to the Town.  Right now, we are developing plans for limited parking, a bike rack, water fountain, bus shelter, and renovation of the existing dock.   I hope to be adding plenty of flowers to the landscape.

Get ready for Phase 2 at Pinckney Park, with a picnic pavilion and restrooms coming next spring. Families with young children on the playground are a frequent sight.  Most of the grounds will remain a natural meadow surrounded by maritime forest.  It is a great location to watch birds and there is usually many wildflowers.  I am especially proud of our stands of liatris elegans, a native wildflower with showy blooms in late summer and fall. 

Dock Street Park, which is actually at the end of Patterson Avenue, is the Town's first park   Picnic tables and the "porch swing" were recently replaced.  Dock Street Park provides great views of James Island Creek.   It is a great place to come for a quiet lunch. 

Please allow me to continue to work on and improve our Parks.   There is much to do over the next few years.   


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