Monday, October 7, 2019

Sidewalks and Bike Paths

The Town has expanded our network of sidewalks over the last five years.  Using Town monies to leverage funds from other local governments has allowed for substantial progress, but more needs to be done.  There are several major projects that I believe I can help push forward to completion over the next few years.

As Chair of the Rethink Folly Road Steering Committee, I have worked to develop and implement the  Phase I sidewalk project in the commercial core. Construction will begin next year.  Phase I includes a sidewalk along Folly Road from Ellis Creek to George Griffith Boulevard by Walmart.   This cooperative effort will be funded with monies contributed by the Town, a match from the City of Charleston, Charleston County 1/2 Sales tax monies as well as federal complete street monies from the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments.   When the project is complete, it will be possible to walk along Folly Road from Central Park Road to Fort Johnson Road.   This project will also improve the bike lanes.  This is the first step towards the goal of providing pedestrian and bike access along Folly Road from the Wappoo Cut to Folly Beach.

The Town has nearly completed the sidewalk along Camp Road from Fort Johnson to Folly Road.  The next segment on this route should carry on along Camp Road from Folly Road, past the new Middle School and on to Riverland Drive and then up Riverland to James Island County Park and the Senior Center. The project began with a conceptual study funded by the Town.   It has been changed and extended, but the delay was worth it.  It is now fully-funded as a Charleston County 1/2 cent sales tax project.  Construction will be timed with the opening of the new Camp Road middle school before next fall.

The Town has just completed the "boardwalk" which connects the sidewalks along Dills Bluff from Fort Johnson Road to Seaside Lane.  Town funds, along with a state grant secured by Representative Peter McCoy, is paying for this connection.  The Town paid for design and part of the construction of the Seaside Lane sidewalk, providing a safe way for students to get to the high school while connecting the center of James Island to Fort Johnson Road.  The Town has begun full design on the next phase of the Dills Bluff project from Seaside Lane to Windborn Drive.  The Town initiated and obtained a match from the 1/2 sales tax for a sidewalk along Quail Drive connecting the Rec Center to the sidewalks on Harbor View Road.

Please allow me to continue working step-by-step to extend our network of sidewalks.   These projects are an important means to promote the safety of our residents and improve our quality of life. on James Island.

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